Sometimes fillers are not properly injected. An infamous example is the upper lip that has been injected with too much filler. However, an excess of filler might also have been injected in other parts of the face, as may result into the “overfilled syndrome”, whereat someone instead of looking more beautiful, precisely looks less attractive or even artificial. That is something we, at Falck Clinic, do not like at all, and therefore we find ourselves increasingly faced with patients who wish to have their fillers removed. For instance, the celebrities Monica Geuze and Tamara Kalinic also called on us. They had their lips treated somewhere else and had our physicians reduce the fillers.

Watch Monica Geuze’s vlog here and Tamara Kalinic’s vlog here.

Being specialists in the field of fillers, but particularly in the field of beauty, we know what details of the face precisely should or precisely should not be highlighted. Often it is not necessary to dissolve all the filler, but it suffices to reduce what was injected elsewhere. We listen closely to your story, examine your face in detail and will give you a customized advice aiming at making you as happy as possible. This frequently means that we will “normalize” you, so it will not be obvious that you had work done on your face and you simply look good in a natural way.

Dissolving hyaluronic acid with hyaluronidase

A very frequently used filler is hyaluronic acid. With the enzyme hyaluronidase we can dissolve hyaluronic acid. The treatment consists of hyaluronidase injections (dissolved in physiological water). This will first cause swelling (for we are injecting something), but next the previously injected hyaluronic acid will dissolve quickly. Subject to the previously injected product hyaluronidase will have dissolved the hyaluronic acid within 1 to 3 days. A checkup and second treatment, if necessary, can be scheduled after 1 week at least. The physician will make an assessment of the quantity of hyaluronidase which will be injected for each area and each session.

Dissolving of fillers: EUR 350 per session.

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